Harrison Soap And Suds Laundry Aims To Open By April

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Lt. Mike Olsey of the Harrison Police Department gave a presentation Monday night to the Harrison Town Board about his proposed laundry on Halstead Avenue. Photo Credit: Patrick Stapleton

HARRISON, N.Y. – A new state-of-the-art, eco-friendly laundry, owned by a local police lieutenant, is headed to Harrison.

“The business is going to be centered around a wash and fold service where people drop off their laundry in the morning, an attendant on the site takes the laundry in – washes it, folds it, bags it – and then people come after work to pick it up,” said Lt. Mike Olsey, a 15-year veteran of the Harrison Police Department.

Harrison Soap and Suds will be at 222 Harrison Ave., which was previously the New York Dance Studio.

“I’ve been thinking about opening a Laundromat probably for the last five or six years,” said Olsey, who is investing $750,000 in the business. “I was looking at purchasing one, and then I happened to see this vacant storefront. I thought about it. It had parking, a good location.”

His laundry will consist of 16 wash machines and 10 dryers, which are all American-made stainless steel. The wash machines spin at twice the average speed, leading to clothes that are “just damp to the touch” heading into the dryer, he said.

“People don’t want to sit in a Laundromat for two hours – it’s too much time,” he said. “So these machines are designed to use less water. They’re more efficient and use less gas, which cuts down on people’s time and the amount of money they spend.”

Olsey believes his laundry can succeed even with Harrison Laundry nearby at 297 Halstead Ave.

“Higher service, better-quality machines, people that come in and do their laundry will spend less,” he said. “The price will be discounted certain days of the week. I’ll have specials.”

In the future, he looks to expand to home pickup of laundry as well.

After two Planning Board meetings and one with the Town Board, the third-generation Harrison resident is looking forward to opening his business.

“It feels good to be halfway there. I think the hard part is done – getting the approvals, getting the plan, getting the concept, getting everything down,” Olsey said. “Now, I just have to do the construction and implement it. So I think that’s the easy part.”

Construction should take a maximum of three months, and he hopes to be in business before April 1, he said. The laundry will be open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.

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Comments (2)


History repeats itself. This location housed Scientific Laundry owned by Max Locker and then Joe Bisbano for many years - most likely before Mike Olsey was born! Good luck with the new venture.

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