County Set To Approve $12.5M Repair Bonds At Rye Playland

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A portion of the boardwalk at Playland Park in Rye floats in the Long Island Sound following Hurricane Sandy on Oct. 30.
A portion of the boardwalk at Playland Park in Rye floats in the Long Island Sound following Hurricane Sandy on Oct. 30. Photo Credit: Anna Helhoski

RYE, N.Y. – Two bonds totaling $12.5 million to fund repairs at Playland Park in Rye due to damage from Hurricane Sandy, are expected to be approved by the Westchester County later this month.

Members of the Westchester County Board of Legislators who serve on the Budget and Appropriations Committee approved the bonds earlier this week. The bonds were added to the county’s 2013 Capital Projects Budget and are expected to head to the full board for a vote at its next regular meeting on Jan. 28.

"There is no doubt that we need to move ahead as quickly as possible with these repairs so Playland can be opened on time for the 2013 season and the Ice Casino be made available to residents and others for use," said Budget and Appropriations Committee Chairperson Judy Myers (D-Larchmont) in a release.

The first bond act, totaling $4,925,000, would fund the cost of design and construction of roofing, boilers and structural work at the Playland Ice Casino. The Ice Casino remains closed for the season after suffering extensive damage during the hurricane. During the storm, high winds blew off two doors on the Ice Casino facing the Long Island Sound and a 15-foot storm surge flooded the basement and damaged boilers. 

The roof structure, which a February 2012 inspection found significant cracking, now requires major repairs before the facility can be re-opened, according to the county's Department of Parks, Recreation and Conservation.

The second bond act, totaling $7,575,000, would go toward repairing the boardwalk at Playland. The boardwalk also remains closed to residents in its off-season since parts of the structure heaved, buckled or were completely washed away during the storm.

"Playland is an important asset and a major revenue producer for the county and investments in our infrastructure along these lines makes good short- and long-term sense," Myers continued.

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Comments (3)

Hope they fix walking area but I wish would use a more ecological surface that looks better than the cement. I would get rid of the log ride which is right by the water and put in a more attractive park area. I used to enjoy walking along the water especially in the off seasons but have not been back to see how bad it is. Seen some pics.