Harrison Car Chase Manhunt Suspect Is Arrested

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Troy Bansey Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Harrison Police Department

HARRISON, N.Y. -- Harrison police have arrested a man accused of leading police on a long chase, crashing into a police cruiser and fleeing on foot.

Troy Bansey, 42, of Yonkers was charged with attempted aggravated assault on a police officer, reckless endangerment, criminal mischief, criminal possession of stolen property, unlawful fleeing of police a officer and unlawful possession of marijuana.

On Wednesday evening, Bansey led police on a high-speed chase after officers attempted to pull him over in Harrison, police said. He drove through several towns, including up through Greenwich, Conn., while tossing marijuana and other contraband materials out of his car window, according to police. The car he was driving during the chase was stolen, police said.

During the pursuit, Bansey crashed his car into a Harrison police officer's cruiser several times in an attempt to drive the officer off the road, according to police reports. The chase came to an end when he crashed into a private fence in Purchase and fled into the woods on foot.

Harrison police, along with K-9 units, a state police helicopter, Westchester County police officers, SUNY police officers and Department of Environmental Protection officers searched the woods for five hours with negative results.

On Thursday, the search continued, while Harrison police officers provided security for Purchase Elementary School and Purchase Community House. Nearby Blind Brook schools were also placed on alert.

Harrison police apprehended Bansey as he exited a barber shop in New Rochelle on Friday afternoon. According to police, as he was leaving the shop he spotted Harrison police surveillance and attempted to flee to his car. He was apprehended as he was trying to get into his vehicle and brought to Harrison Police Headquarters.

According to police, Bansey has been arrested 13 times, including three felony convictions and five misdemeanor convictions. He has a current felony charge pending in Mount Vernon.

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Can't believe someone would actually be so stupid to support street level dealers. The street level dealer is the ones dealing to kids.


Get the low level drug dealers (non criminals) out of jail to make room for people like this.


Last I checked the as you say "low level drug dealers" were also criminals. Not very smart are you?

John J. Bigelow:

Why is this career criminal - with 8 criminal convictions - still walking the streets? It was lucky that he didn't kill someone. What is wrong with these judges?


What happened to 3 strikes and your out? Great idea, let him be exiled to NYC so the new Mayor will feel better.

Activist Bill:

He is a prime example of why stop-and-frisk should be implemented.


Seemore welcome to NY


arrested 13 times? isn't it time to throw away the key?


And he was on the streets with 3 felony convictions.

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