Latimer Moves To Have Voting Machines Impounded

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George Latimer, Democratic candidate for State Senate District 37.
George Latimer, Democratic candidate for State Senate District 37. Photo Credit: Contributed Photo

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. – Republican State Senate candidate Bob Cohen said that a motion by Democratic opponent George Latimer to impound voting machines in the 37th district is pre-emptive.

“We had heard it a day ago they were planning to do that. We thought they were jumping the gun in doing that. Clearly they expect the race to be very close, as do we,” Bill O’Reilly, communications director of Cohen’s campaign said Tuesday night. “They have the right to do it; it is their prerogative. It will probably mean we won’t know the winner tonight.”

Latimer said that the motion was made because he thinks it’s important to have all the paper balloted counted in White Plains.

“With all the things that happened in the last election,” Latimer said. “The 2010 District 37 election between Bob Cohen and Suzi Oppenheimer was decided by a close margin.”

Latimer said that he wanted to make sure there are no issues with this year’s results..

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George (and his PR team), My children (and their friends) now think I too am a slumlord, just because I am in Real Estate. What you have done (congrats on the win by the way!), is not only offend an entire profession, but the American dream itself. Many people who own properties are 2nd and 3rd generation Americans running small family businesses. You (should) know that the type of violations you slandered Bob Cohen as a "slumlord" for, are issues which get reported in any size apartment building anywhere, but you knew the Westchester Women League of Voters would be disgusted of rodent sighting in a Bronx apartment building. Well done to you, George! Next time one of your henchmen try and knock on my door again I am going to invite you in to have a nice long talk with my children about how daddy is not a monster, and neither is Bob Cohen.

Sincerely, Anonymous NYC landlord