Top Stories 2012: Harrison Plans 3 Dams To Fix Flooding

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The Town of Harrison plans to build three dams to remediate flooding by the duck pond at Nelson and Union avenues. Photo Credit: Greg Maker

HARRISON, N.Y. — The Harrison Daily Voice is heading into the new year by counting down, in no particular order, the Top 10 stories of 2012.

To handle flooding in Harrison, the Town Board suggested the 3 Dam Project, which was spearheaded by Town Engineer Mike Amodeo.

Survey work was completed on the project in May, and it is currently in the design process. The project will build three dams: one off Genessee Trail, a second off Shawnee Trail and a third off Tamarac Trail. The dams were proposed because during severe storms, floodwater flows across parallel streets in the neighborhood, since the town’s storm sewers can’t handle the volume of water.

Amodeo said the Genessee Trail Dam would be 10 feet high and 300 feet long. The Shawnee Trail Dam would be 16 feet high and 325 feet long. The Tamarac Trail Dam would be 8 feet high and 200 feet long.

It is estimated that the project would take 11 months to complete and cost about $1.5 million.

"It’s been a very complicated issue, and there’s a lot of pieces to the puzzles,” Amodeo said of the flooding. “There’s a lot of obstacles, and along the way we’ve gotten lucky in certain instances, where we found answers to things and overcame some obstacles. It’s a really in-depth puzzle.”

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