Lawyer From Purchase Arrested On Drug Charges

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GREENBURGH, N.Y. -- A Greenburgh attorney who represented a Mahopac restaurant owner on sex charges was arrested on drug charges on Thursday, according to

George W. Galgano, 41, of Purchase. was arrested by  the state police Special Investigations Unit in his Greenburgh law office where authorities found Oxycontin, amphetamines and Percocet, reported.

Galgano recently defended Lani "Ariano" Zaimi against charges that he sexually assaulted a waitress. The trial was declared a mistrial and was set to be retried in September, said.

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Comments (3)

SpiritRising...there is no photo because he is a lawyer. Don't start with the race card! All these lawyers, cops and politicians are ABOVE the LAW! Until all of us people no matter what color we are come together and agree "THEY" are using and destroying "US", comments will continue like the one you posted and continue to DIVIDE "US".

Please, think twice, be kind and educate people instead of dividing them.

PS...I am caucasion but believe we ARE ALL the same with different flavors. :-)

And must he be called a "Greenburgh lawyer" if he merely had an office here? More likely, he spent more time in his hometown of Purchase. Or trying cases in the Westchester or Putnam county courts, neither based in Greenburgh.

Why no photo? I bet there would be one a pic if he was hispanic or black