Westchester Residents Take To Airport For Thanksgiving

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The Westchester County Airport had travelers flying in and out al day Wednesday for Thanksgiving. Photo Credit: Patrick Stapleton

HARRISON, N.Y. – In what is considered the busiest travel day of the year, people flew into and out of the Westchester County Airport to be with family for Thanksgiving.

“It’s hectic, but it’s always fun,” said Harrison councilwoman Marlane Amelio. “The holidays are always good. It’s a great time for the families to get together.”

Amelio was flying to Albany, Ga. with her husband to celebrate Thanksgiving with her daughter, son-in-law, and 2-year-old granddaughter. They have kept that tradition going for 12 years.

Several passengers, including Amelio, were surprised the airport was not bustling on a heavy travel day.

“I’m shocked that airport isn't busier – I expected to see the line out the door,” Amelio said. “Maybe it’s tomorrow, but why would you fly out on Thanksgiving. Maybe it’s the economy.”

Some flights were delayed, like Charene Levin’s original 12:45 p.m. flight to Chicago. It was changed to 3 p.m. due to heavy fog in Chicago.

The Weston, Conn. resident was looking forward to “seeing family and having good food” for the holiday.

“I used to fly out on Thursday morning to avoid the Wednesday travel crowd and it’s actually pretty quiet,” Levin said. “It’s very peaceful. There’s empty seats.”

While many people were flying to destinations, others were coming home for the holiday, like Ryan Scharf of Suffern.

He just got back from West Palm Beach, Fla. and was excited for Thanksgiving with family in New Jersey.

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