Motorist Charged With Marijuana Possession In Harrison

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The Harrison Police Department charged a motorist with unlawful possession of marijuana, which is a violation. Photo Credit: Greg Maker

HARRISON, N.Y. – A 19-year-old East Hartford, Conn., resident was stopped by Harrison police for speeding and then charged with unlawful possession of marijuana – a violation.

The man was driving “at a high rate of speed” near exit 25 on the Hutchinson River Parkway on Nov. 17 at 12:55 a.m. When officers approached the car to question him, they smelled “a very strong odor of marijuana emanating from the vehicle,” police said.

While searching the car, they found “a small clear bag of marijuana.” The driver was charged with the violation plus given a summons for speeding.

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Comments (2)

Mr Wizard:

Here is an example of the brave police work in Harrison. They busted a kid with one clear bag. Was there any weed in the bag? We will never know. We hired new police officers, purchased new cars and here is why? Go downtown Harrison on any weekend. Cars are double parked, people turning left out of Dunkin Doughnuts block traffic until someone lets them in and people parking illegally on corners or in illegal spots. We could probably make countless amount of money with these infractions alone but no police in sight. Also what is with the cameras that are supposed to keep us safe. No one looking at these since most of the infractions are within the range of these cameras. I guess all of the police are concentrating on catching these blood thirsty marijuana possession cases.

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