Pit Bull Reportedly Bites Off Yonkers Boy's Genitals

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A Yonkers boy is recovering after a pit bull bit off his genitals. Photo Credit: File

YONKERS, N.Y. -- A 5-year-old Yonkers boy is facing multiple surgeries after his grandmother's pit bull attacked him and bit off his genitals, according to LoHud.com.

The boy reportedly tried to climb in bed with his 13-year-old aunt and a 6-year-old female pit bull. The dog turned on the boy and severed his genitals, according to the article.

The boy continues to recover in the hospital, according to the article. The boy's grandmother and uncle have reportedly been charged with having an unlicensed dog.

Read the full LoHud.com report here.

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Comments (14)


Yeah, you never hear "golden retriever bites off kids balls" or "cocker spaniel murders small child" or "schnauzer murders it's owner". Yes there are nice pit bulls but it is in them to be dangerous. Just because YOURS was one of the good ones, does not mean s***! the proof is in the statistics. Period


The breed is no good and they should all be put down.


Of course, let's blame the dog. Not the owner who in all likelihood either taught the dog to attack an "intruder" or trained the dog to fight. It's always the same people who this happens to - not the ones who actually have the dog as a family pet. I hope the little boy makes a full recovery.

shelly boyle:

I recently had to put my 15 year old pitbull to sleep.She was the sweetest and most gentle dog that I have ever known. Pit Bulls and other large dogs ate usually the ones who make the news in an attack. Smaller dogs can be really vicious but it is easier to stop an attack. Owners are most likely to blame for dogs who attack.

Broad River:

Pit bulls, which make up 5 percent of the country’s dog population, were responsible for 23 — or 61 percent — of the deaths, the group reports. Half of those killed were children 8 or younger.


Why would The Norwalk Daily Voice post this story? I feel so bad for the young boy but this is not Norwalk news! Is it because it was a pitbull or because it was his genitals? Is this all you have to write about?


The dog was euthanized (put down)...this happened over a week ago...

Broad River:

Why would they euthanize a perfectly good dog?


It's been a year since my daughter was attacked by a pit bull, these dogs are just not worth having, they can do so much damage- so sad for this boy, people continue to defend the breed but enough already!!


What kind of dog was it? Oh yeah, what other kind of dog does that. It is always and only. How long until they stop reporting the breed of dsg in the story, like well you know....


The dog of choice for inner city cred...

The Collective:

Port Chester is filled with them


Oh wow. Charged with having an unlicensed dog??? That oughta learn em.

Broad River:

an unclassified misdemeanor punishable by up to a year in jail

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