Astorino Blasts Cuomo Supporter For Controversial Comments

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Rob Astorino blasted a prominent Andrew Cuomo supporter for making controversial comments.
Rob Astorino blasted a prominent Andrew Cuomo supporter for making controversial comments. Photo Credit: File

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. -- Westchester County Executive and Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino recently blasted Home Depot co-founder Ken Langone, a supporter of Gov. Andrew Cuomo, for making references to Hilter in a recent interview, according to the Albany Times-Union. 

Langone was speaking to Politico about the vilification of "The One Percent" and said that the negative public opinion of the wealthy was similar to what Hitler was promoting in 1930s Germany, the Times-Union said. 

Astorino, who was campaigning in Albany, went on the offensive, saying that there was "no room" for comments like that, according to the Times-Union. 

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Comments (3)

Langone is a Progressive, he is a taker that is why he supports the likes of Cuomo - he gives your efforts and creativity to others for personal fame.

I hope Cuomo wins big time so he can finish off New York State then we can start with a clean slate. His NYC buddy deBlasio needs free reign so he can complete his mission of destruction.

The likes of Langone will flee. We will be rid of them, then real people can rebuild based on the sound principle of getting rewarded for what you earn or create without "state welfare".

No welfare for businesses or individuals, just a sound tax system, no deductions. Flat tax, you file on a 3"x 5" index card.

Get rid of all the hidden taxes and sales taxes.

Get rid of all the Lobbyists "gimmes".

Deductions and gimmes are the "I own you, so vote for me" currency of political hacks.

How many government jobs could we be free of ?

Langone is a real moron with his "Republicans for Cuomo" campaign. A real sleazy corporatist. Get lost!

geez, with so many references to nazis from both sides maybe we are in that funk!