Some Good News, Bad News For Both Astorino, Cuomo In Latest Poll

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Likely challenger Rob Astorino, left, trails Gov. Andrew Cuomo by 35 points in the latest statewide poll.
Likely challenger Rob Astorino, left, trails Gov. Andrew Cuomo by 35 points in the latest statewide poll. Photo Credit: File photo
Rob Astorino won a second term as Westchester County Executive in November.
Rob Astorino won a second term as Westchester County Executive in November. Photo Credit:

This story has been updated to include comments from the campaign of Rob Astorino.

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. – Gov. Andrew Cuomo still holds a sizeable lead in a potential matchup against Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino in the fall, but more voters think a Republican can beat the incumbent, according to a new poll.

Among the 813 New York registered voters polled from March 16 to March 20, 61 percent said they would vote for Cuomo and 26 percent said they would vote for Astorino in a head-to-head matchup. This is slightly down from 64-22 percent last month.

“For the governor, the good news is that he maintains a strong 35-point lead over his likely challenger, he continues to have a strong favorability rating and almost two-thirds of voters think he’s been an effective governor,” Siena College pollster Steven Greenberg said. “The bad news for him is that his job performance rating is the lowest it’s been since November, and for the first time, only a plurality – not a majority – of voters are prepared to re-elect him.”

The plurality of voters refers to the 49 percent of respondents who said they would vote to re-elect Cuomo, compared to 41 percent who said they prefer someone else. Asked if they think a Republican can unseat Cuomo, 47 percent said yes and 43 percent said no. 

Greenberg said this is good news for Astorino, but “the bad news is that he remains unknown to two-thirds of voters and among those who know him slightly more view him unfavorably than favorably.”

Astorino’s favorable rating was 17-19, with 65 percent having no opinion, up from 11-15-73 last month.

"Slowly but surely people are recognizing that this governor is a fraud and things have actually gotten worse under his leadership," Jessica Proud, spokeswoman for Astorino's campaign, said in a statement. "We are still the highest taxed, least business-friendly state in the nation and Cuomo's Common Core has been disastrous for our children. New Yorkers know that our state is not on a winning path."

Among the 19 percent of respondents who said they are better off economically than they were four years ago, 82 percent support Cuomo over Astorino. That number drops to 66-23 percent among the majority 52 percent of respondents who said they are the same economically. Astorino takes a 41-38 percent advantage among the 28 percent who say they are worse off economically today.

The Siena College poll has a 3.4-percent margin of error and people were chosen by random digital dialing.

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Comments (3)

Once NYS gets to know Rob, the numbers will bump up favorably for him. Cuomo is an odious, statist, corporatist shill. All Rob needs to run on is fracking in upstate and western NY, repeal of the insipid SAFE Act that Cuomo shoved down our throats, and lowering of taxes for businesses to hire again. Rob will grow the NYS economy and reduce taxes, so that the NYers leaving in droves now will return.

I'm not too sure about this whole common core thing. I tried to help my niece with her math homework last week and I couldn't understand a word of it! She's in the fourth grade and it was all about drawing diagrams to show comparisons. Not one word in any of the problems that I remember from my own school days...which I admit were pretty long ago. Anyway, I pity these poor kids who have to try to pick up all this new math. Is it really making them better students? Again, I'm not so sure.

So the second paragraph says 61% would vote for Cuomo, and the 4th paragraph says 49% would vote for Cuomo. Which is it?