Sparks Should Fly In First Debate Of County Exec Race

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Photo Credit: Suzanne Samin

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. -- As November draws closer, the county executive race heats up with the first debate between the two candidates after months of campaigning.

Incumbent Rob Astorino (R) and opponent, mayor of New Rochelle Noam Bramson (D) will be going head to head on Wednesday, Oct. 2 at the White Plains Reckson Metro Center Auditorium. The debate will be hosted by the Westchester Business Council.

Lee Miringoff, director of the Marist Institute for Public Opinion at Marist College, will be serving as moderator in what promises be a fiery debate, based on the campaign's publicly combative tone thus far. 

A panel composed of Business Council members representing various sectors of the local economy will pose questions to both candidates.

“The Business Council is honored to be holding the first official debate of the County Executive race,” said Marsha Gordon, President and CEO of the Business Council of Westchester, in a statement. “This race is the main event of the November election in Westchester with important implications for the county’s economy and business climate. We look forward to a highly informative and insightful debate.”

The debate begins at 6 p.m. and is open to council members only. To register to attend, members can access a form here.

The Reckson Metro Center auditorium is located at 360 Hamilton Avenue.

Two more debates between Astorino and Bramson are also scheduled. The second is Oct. 16 at RPW Group, Inc., 800 Westchester Avenue in Rye Brook. The third debate is on Oct. 23 at Pace University's White Plains campus on 1 Martine Avenue.

Check back with The Daily Voice for coverage of the debate.

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Comments (6)

"The debate begins at 6 p.m. and is open to council members only." Am I misreading this or is this event not open to the public? Will it be televised or a video posted on YouTube at least?

eliminate county government all together, It's redundant,. and full of 6 figure salary paying jobs that are already covered at either the state or local level. County police are useless, They've done this with great success in Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island,(among other states) and have saved millions upon millions of taxpayer dollars. It's time for less Government in Westchester. we have some of the highest Property tax rates in the WORLD

The problem today is you can't find an unbiased organization that hasn't taken sides to host such debates any longer. But I totally agree with you.

In addition, the meeting or "debate" is closed to the general public. How undemocratic. I am sure working class people will not pay the $400 plus annual membership just to sit there and watch this event.

Seems unethical to me to comment on something of public concern without giving your name.
Mike Reynolds

I find something unethical about an organization hosting a debate between the candidates when the organization has already endorsed one of them. It is almost like it is setting up the candidate that it has not endorsed to fail. And, then, for the Marist Institute for Public Opinion to collude not only on the debate but also on a poll, well, what can say I say, but, "Shame on you, Westchester Business Council and Marist Institute for Public Opinion!"