Westchester Residents, Officials, Weigh In On Astorino's Run For Governor

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John Perillo was mayor of the Village of Ossining from 2000 to 2004.
John Perillo was mayor of the Village of Ossining from 2000 to 2004. Photo Credit: Brian Donnelly

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. – Some Westchester residents reacted favorably to the news Wednesday that County Executive Rob Astorino will run for New York State Governor in the fall.


In a potential match up between Rob Astorino and Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who would you vote for?

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In a potential match up between Rob Astorino and Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who would you vote for?

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John Perillo, former mayor of the Village of Ossining, said Wednesday that Astorino has been the right fit for Democrat-heavy Westchester during the last four years, and that he is the right fit for New York State governor.

“I’m glad,” Perillo said of Astorino’s announcement. “I think he’s got a lot of potential to reform what’s going on upstate and with the economy.”

As an area business owner for 46 years, Perillo said the business climate is poor across New York, and especially upstate.  He added that Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s initiatives to get the economy going haven’t turned the tide. Astorino said in his video announcement that more than 400,000 people have left the state since Cuomo took office.

“It’s pretty clear that New York has the highest negative population growth in the country,” said Jim Maisano, vice chair of the Westchester County Board of Legislators (BOL). “I think New York is crying out for dramatic change. I would hope that if Rob became governor he would lead a renaissance of job creation.”

In a Daily Voice poll in January, 60 percent of the nearly 400 respondents said Astorino should run for governor. 

County Legislator Peter Harckham (D – North Salem) said taxes have been cut, unemployment has been cut in half, and New York is moving in the right direction under Cuomo. His colleague and BOL Majority Leader Catherine Borgia said she sees Cuomo winning reelection.

“I think that Gov. Cuomo is a very confident governor and has done a good job, and I think that Astorino doesn’t have the skills and expertise that our governor has,” she said.

While county legislators fell on party lines Wednesday, Perillo said the upcoming race will be about the issues and survival for local businesses more than party affiliation. Several Westchester residents who are registered Democrats said Wednesday that they would vote for Astorino.

Gustavo Espinal, a Tarrytown resident who works at Greeley Barber Shop in Chappaqua, said he likes Astorino because “he’s a straight up guy.”

On the other hand, Diane Vallienberg, of Chappaqua, said she supports Cuomo because she liked his response during Superstorm Sandy in 2012.

Even those who said they would support Astorino in a matchup with Cuomo admitted that it will be an uphill climb because he has less name recognition and less money than the incumbent.

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Comments (15)

The unemployment figures are being manipulated with fuzzy math. If you have 10 people out of 100 unemployed that's 10%. But when you decide to remove 4 of those unemployed who have simply given up because they can't find a job, suddenly it becomes 6 out of 96, which is 6.25%. Apparently the strategy is to beat people into submission so they just capitulate to a poor jobs market and end up on welfare.

Not correct. Look at the U-6 figure, which a number of economists use. That is closer to 13%. Stop blaming Bush for 8 years of Oy-bama.

Go Rob! Down with the tyrannical Dems. Down with Cuomo...and his HUD scandals that nearly brought down the country. Down with his unconstitutional SAFE Act. Let's elect someone who will turn NY into the Empire State. Allow fracking in upstate and western NY, bring back people who have fled this state in droves. Bring back businesses that create jobs. We start by electing fiscal conservatives who know how to shrink government and don't cotton to crony-capitalists and the corporatists.

What has any of these politicians done for the people of Westchester?
Have they cut taxes or cut spending? The answer is no.

Rob Asstorino totally misled me and everyone in Westchester by running for re-election on a " ...more time to finish what he started...", and then announcing a run Governor within 120 days of re-election.

He deserves Jeanine Pierro as a running mate.

Salowey, are you saying you voted for Astorino last November? If he does for NY State what he's done for Westchester... you won't be disappointed.

Well look at it this way even with Astorino running for Governor, Westchester County is better off than if we had elected Noam Bramson.

FACT CHECK: It’s pretty clear that New York has the highest negative population growth in the country,” said Jim Maisano, vice chair of the Westchester County Board of Legislators (BOL).

No, actually NYS is 34th out of 50 at 2.87% (2010 vs 2013), http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_U.S._states_by_population_growth_rate.

County Legislator Peter Harckham (D – North Salem) is equally off base. Unemployment is down considerably but not 50%. Since 2011 (Cuomo) it was about 8% now down to 6.9%.(maybe 15 drop which significant -- but 50% is just a wild number to throw around).

There isn't an issue that Astorino has to distinguish himself on. Taxes? See 2% property tax cap under Cuomo. Business/Growth? NYS is already way out ahead on that with tax free enterprise zones. Government reform? Fought with HUD over dog-whistle issue and lost costing us $7+M in aid. Population shift? Is anybody clamoring for an influx of low wage jobs like Florida and Texas? Don't think so.

@jlombard63 - Ask the tax payers of Mount Vernon how the 2% state mandated tax cap is working out for them. It's NEVER been applied in Mount Vernon, not since its inception. Mayor Ernie Davis continues to demand astronomical tax increases every year, much of which is used to pay for his private follies.
As for the HUD mandate on Affordable Housing, ask former CE Andy Spano why he kept kicking it down the road. Was it because he didn't want to offend his wealthy friends in the communities where the low-income housing was supposed to be built?

Texas has had an influx of low, medium and high-wage jobs. It is the anti-NY. Cuomo has struck-out on fracking. People upstate hate him. PA farmers have become millionaires while on the other side of the border our governor drags his feet and does the bidding of environmentalists who tell him that it is dangerous. It is not.
I personally have drank the tap water (from a well) at the ranch of a friend who has had oil and gas fracked beneath the property for two years straight. I've been there 3 times.
Most important: this state needs a Right to Work law (like Wisconsin, Michigan, etc.) Cuomo will never make that happen. Astorino will at least try. The unions are destroying this state... starting with the NYS United Teachers' union.
We owe it to our kids and ourselves to try to turn it around in NY. Astorino is the guy.

Joe, to your points:
1) the 2% Property Tax Cap is disingenuous as it has to many exceptions that don't actually force a municipality to adhere to 2%.
2) Tax free enterprise zones force us, the taxpayer to make up the balance of what these entities don't pay. Plus they are mostly within university properties which translates to cheap college labor and an abundance of part-time jobs, not full time.
3) The HUD issue has never been covered fairly (my opinion) and only portrays Astorino in a negative light. And maybe capitulating to the demands of big government may not seem to be an issue for you, Meehan was right when he refuses the aid because of the strings attached to it.
4) The use of numbers that are reprinted both online and in print without being challenged is situation created by and condoned by the online editors and the print editors who allow it. Shame on them.

The problem we have with the media is the one-sided-ness of promoting certain politicians over another and not evenly covering all players. You just offered Paul Feiner carte blanche by offering him a platform with this site. And after you've got him hooked for free as "an experiment", like any junkie, you then want to charge us $2k per month. Even though you'll tout standards that will be in place, it is not something that should happen.

Peter, where has unemployment been cut in half. Maybe in your dreams. People not receiving benefits because they have reached their max are taken off the unemployment rolls. Is this how the so called powers to be think unemployment is improving? This is what democrats would like us too think.
New York needs a good kick start and Rob is the man to do it!!!

Well said!

America's unemployment has gone from 10.1%(Bushy Boy) to it's current 6.5 %,

The 6.5% unemployment rate is not a true number, as many millions of people are still unemployed but not counted since they're no longer collecting benefits. The real unemployment rate has increased since Obama has been President, and hovers around 18%.